Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How Failing at What You Desire Can Lead You to Your Destiny

This idea is not confined to the health and fitness field. It really speaks to all aspects of life, so it is a bit of a departure from my specific teachings on physical fitness. Everyone has different things that they desire to have, and desire to be. But what happens when you fail at achieving these desires? Do you just give up and throw in the towel, settling for mediocre, or an unhappy, unfulfilled life?

I would ask you to try and see things from a different perspective... Let's take the person you desire to be; maybe you desire to be a happier person, or a healthier person. Or maybe you desire to be a more successful person. But what is success? Is it defined by financial wealth and material possessions? Is it defined by having an amazing body? Will obtaining these things equal success in your eyes? I'm sure everyone knows someone (either personally, or a celebrity, or through word of mouth) that has all of the financial freedom, physical beauty, and material possessions they could ever want...and they are miserable.

Too often, people equate monetary gain, physical beauty, and/or celebrity and fame with success. The truth is, none of these things will amount to you feeling successful if you are not truly fulfilled. If you are able to reach a level of true fulfillment, you will know. You will feel it in your soul. You will find true peace and happiness in your heart, regardless of whether or not you have financial riches, an amazing body, or are loved and adored by the masses.

While we have specific desires in what we hope to gain or who we want to be, these desires can actually be far different than who and what, we are destined to be. You may desire to achieve financial freedom, only to one day realize that your true destiny is to live modestly, and spend your life helping others achieve their hopes and dreams, and providing happiness to others. Or you may desire to be someone who is famous and adored all around the world, but if it doesn't happen, and that door slams shut on you, it may in fact be that another door is waiting to burst open...and lead you to your true calling; your destiny. Now don't get me wrong; I am not saying that we cannot control our destiny's to a degree!

The lesson in this is that desire and destiny can be completely different, and your destiny is often times far more important than your desires. If in the end, the person you desire to be and the things you desire to have come to fruition, then maybe you were destined to have everything you desire...and that will be amazing! But if the things you desire in life don't work out the way you hoped they would, don't let it ruin your spirit...for often many times, the failure to have, and meet your desires, will lead you to your true calling...and when you can achieve your true calling in life, you will know it by the fulfillment you feel in your heart and soul!

Lee Dremel

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