Thursday, July 9, 2015

MCT's For Optimal Performance!

Whether you are looking to build lean muscle, burn fat, or both, it is important to start the day off with the right kind of breakfast! Regardless of what time of day you train (but especially important for morning training), I suggest swapping carbs for a good source of fat. If you eat eggs, you need to eat the WHOLE egg, as the bioavailability of the protein is maximized with the whole egg. But really, the best choice for fat in the morning is MCT's (either from straight MCT oil, or coconut oil). MCT's, or medium-chain triglycerides have been shown to be used by the body as fuel, rather than the propensity to be stored (like saturated, or long-chain triglycerides). Because MCT's are used for fuel, they will provide a better source of fuel for a morning workout, and they won't still be floating around in the body post-workout like saturated fats (which will delay the uptake of your post workout protein).
You do NOT need carbs for breakfast, even with morning training sessions! Force your body to use the fat you provide it, along with stored fat, for fuel! This method will give you a better chance for fat burning, while still providing the body fuel and protein for muscle building/sparing. A good example for a great breakfast (especially for morning training) would be:

-a lean protein source (chicken, turkey, white fish)
-a vegetable (broccoli is a good choice)
-MCT oil, or coconut oil (can be put on vegetable or taken separately)

Try to start thinking outside the box and try eating meat and vegetables at breakfast!

Train hard, and enjoy the journey!

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